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Redvers Automotive have expanded the company to encompass all aspects of minibus repairs including: MOT testing and minibus accident repairs, air conditioning and Servicing just to name a few of our minibus services that we operate from our 6,000 sq. ft workshop On the IsIs trading Estate Swindon.
Class V Minibus MOT / Minibus MOT

This is the class of MOT test that most minibuses have to take. The Class V MOT which is a specialised test for this particular kind of vehicle. Redvers Automotive is able to carry out this test on our premises. This is minibuses that have 16 passenger and 1 driver seat. 17 seats in total.

A minibus is defined in Reg3(2) of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 as a motor vehicle that is constructed or adapted to carry not more than 16 seated passengers in addition to the driver. It may be in purely private use, in community use often under a Voluntary Group Permit or a Community Bus Permit (Sections 19 and 22 Transport Act 1985) or in commercial use in which case it will be a Public Service Vehicle for which an operator’s licence will be needed.

Like cars and light good vehicles, minibuses with up to 8 passenger seats (i.e. excluding the driver) require a first MOT inspection 3 years after the date of their first registration (4 years in Northern Ireland) and thereafter every year. Those with 9-16 passenger seats excluding the driver require their first MOT test one year after the date of first registration and thereafter every year.

Certificate of Initial Fitness (CIF or COIF)

This certificate shows the vehicle was designed or adapted to PSV standards and is only required where commercial service is involved. A vehicle intended for community use does not need such a certificate but obtaining one anyway may open up the possibility of selling the vehicle in due course to a commercial operator.

MOT Classes for Minibuses

There are three different classes of MOT test. The tests are different so it is important that the correct one is undertaken:

Class IV

For minibuses with up to 12 passenger seats (excluding the driver). Any appointed MOT Testing Station will be able to carry these out.

Class V

For minibuses with between 13 and 16 passenger seats (excluding the driver) and all those operating under Community Bus Permits. Regardless of seating capacity Community minibuses require a Class V MOT. Such a test can only be undertaken at a government Goods Vehicle Testing Station or at Redvers Automotive Services specifically authorised to carry out such tests.

Class VI

This is the test for Public Service Vehicles (PSV). It carries a different certificate and is always performed at a government testing station. Details of where these are located can be found these can be found on the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency’s website at www.VOSA.gov.uk Permit minibuses do not need such a test but if a Certificate of Initial Fitness (CIF or COIF) came with the new vehicle an operator may elect to have a Class VI anyway.

Free Collection Service

We offer a free minibus MOT collection service available in the swindon area. We can collect from your Home, School, Club, Workplace, Offices, Forces, Factory, Hospital, etc. Subject to availability.
Call our friendly Staff on 01793 54 10 10